Christmas, that joyful time where we focus on family and food. Well, sometimes.

I’ve got to admit, Christmas didn’t mean that much to me until I had kids. But now, as a mum, it’s taken on a whole new meaning.

I love decorating with them, we make a night of putting up the tree and have Christmas songs on the stereo as much as we can.

We also love to make our own decorations. Not only is it a great way to save money, it’s a neat family tradition to start.

It’s something I recall strongly from being a child. Our tree was always plastered in decorations my brother and I had made.

Now we’re both grownups, my Mum decorates her tree beautifully, but back then it was all about us kids. And I am so thankful she instilled that in me.

If you also like to make DIY Christmas decorations for kids (and grownups), these are a few gorgeous ideas to try with your kids.

Note: to access the tutorial. click the heading to be taken to the appropriate site. 

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