We all know Binance is not only a platform for trading or buying crypto but also one of the best places to earn free crypto coins.

There is a section called Binance Academy where they post some quizzes regarding specific projects by answering them you earn free coins.

In this article, you will get Alpine Quiz Answers by answering you can earn free ALPINE tokens.

What Is Alpine?

Alpine is a known F1 racing team, it is a fan token on BEP20 on the BNB chain. It was launched on Binance Launchpad in Feb 2022 as a launchpad project.

10% of the total supply was used to raise funds through Binance launchpad, and a total of 40 million Alpine was sold. You can trade ALPINE tokens on the Binance exchange or can use them to trade for merchandise or any other use cases mentioned on the official website.

Alpine Binance Quiz Details

Total Reward: 0.45 (worth $1.25)

Start & End Date: NA

Total Questions: 10 questions in different format.

What to do: Watch videos and answer a binance quiz.

Binance Alpine Quiz Answers

Question 1: Is there a maximum amount of Fan Tokens?

Answer: Yes for LAZIO, PORTO, SANTOS, and ALPINE.

Question 2: Which statement is true?

Answer: All Fan Tokens enjoy low transaction fees and three-second block times.

Question 3: What is the BWT Alpine F1® team’s current digital fanbase?

Answer: More than 6 million followers across social networks.

Question 4: What is the maximum token supply of ALPINE?

Answer: 40,000,000

Question 5: What did token holders get to vote for in previous fan voting sessions?

Answer: Selecting the 2022 Alpine Esports jersey worn by drivers like Nicolas Longuet.

Question 6: You can stake ALPINE in the NFT PowerStation to access fan rewards.

Answer: True

The originally asked questions on Binance might be different from here so do check each question before submitting for answers. Do not forget to share this article.

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