Staples is one of the best office supply stores in the country. It’s been offering quality products since 1986 and is a go-to for business and personal shoppers alike. But does Staples price match?

Yes, Staples does price match most identical and new items. And in addition to offering you a lower price, they will also compete with the other store by giving you an additional 10% discount, which is known as the “110% price match guarantee”.

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This is a great deal and a much more generous price match offer than most stores, so read on to learn how you can make the most of this policy.

How to Get a Price Match at Staples

If you find a cheaper price for the same product at a competing store, visit your nearest Staples location or shoot them an email at their online center.

You will receive the difference as an item refund. Simply follow these three steps:

  1. Find proof of the price difference. This could be in the form of a screenshot, advertisement, etc. Make sure that the product is exactly the same by finding its model number.
  2. Give the proof to a Staples Customer Service Associate when you visit the store or message their support system.
  3. The associate will then complete the process for you.

What Exceptions Are There to the Price Match Policy?

Here are some of the exceptions that may disqualify you from receiving the price match:

  • Auction Site Items: You cannot price match any items purchased from an auction site, such as eBay.
  • Open Box Items: Price-matching open box items is generally not allowed.
  • Clearance Items: You can only receive a price match on regular-priced clearance items that are available at both stores.
  • Out-of-Stock Items: Staples will not match prices for out-of-stock items.
  • Services Such as Printing or Marketing: Price matching services is not allowed.
  • Delivery/Shipping Costs: Staples will not match the delivery or shipping costs of other stores.
  • Gift Cards: Gift cards and other forms of payment are not eligible for price matching.
  • Customized Products: Staples will not match the prices of customized products.
  • Items for Store Pickup: Since you won’t be able to verify the price until you pick up the item, Staples will not match prices for store-pickup items.
  • Digital Products Such as Apps: Price-matching digital products is not allowed.
  • Price Errors: Staples will not match prices that are errors or significantly lower than the usual price.

Additional Limitations of the Staples Price Match Policy

In addition to the exceptions listed above, there are a few other limitations of Staples’ price match policy.

  • Price Matches Are Only Available In-Store: Unlike many other retailers who accept online price matches, Staples only accepts price matching requests in-store.
  • Only One Item Is Allowed Per Price Match: Staples only allows one item per price match. If you find multiple items at a lower price, you will need to fill out a separate request for each item.
  • The Item Must Be Available At The Competitor’s Store: Staples will only match the price of an item if it is available at the competitor’s store. It does not accept online-only prices from other websites.
  • Price Matching Is Not Available For Non-Branded Items: Staples will not match prices for non-branded items, such as generic brands. This is because there is no direct competition between the two products.
  • You Can’t Price Match Warranties: Staples does not accept price matches for warranties, only the physical products themselves.

Which Companies Price Match With Staples?

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The following retailers qualify for the 110% price match policy:

  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • HP
  • Costco
  • Dell
  • Office Depot
  • Sam’s Club
  • Office Max
  • Amazon

If you have questions about a specific store, Staples may match with them, so be sure to reach out to their customer service team through chat or call your local store to verify if a particular store qualifies.

Does Staples Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, Staples has a price adjustment policy. If you buy something at Staples and its price becomes lower because of a sale within the next two weeks, then you can get the difference of your money back.

The process for this is similar to the price match process:

  • Bring the item to your local Staples and present the proof.
  • Show the customer service representative the lower-priced item.
  • The Staples associate will then give you back the difference in price as a refund on your original payment method.

How Does Staples Price Match Items When Coupons Are Involved?

If you have a coupon for an item, Staples will deduct the coupon amount from the price of the item when calculating the price match.

For example, if you have a $10 off coupon for an item that is priced at $50, then Staples will price-match the item at $40.

Does Staples Offer Free Shipping with Price Matching?

This depends on the competitor’s shipping policy. If the competitor offers free shipping on the item, then Staples will match that policy and offer free shipping on the price-matched item as well.

However, if the competitor charges for shipping, then Staples will not cover those costs when price-matching an item.

Other Ways to Save at Staples

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Here are some other great ways to get a deeper discount when shopping at Staples:

1. Sign Up for the Staples Email List

Immediately after signing up for Staples’ email list, you’ll receive a coupon offer for a $15 discount on a purchase of $60 or more. You’ll also receive additional offers and heads-ups for sales over time.

2. Keep an Eye Out For Penny Deals

Staples will often run “penny deals” on specific items. While these items used to be one cent, they are now more expensive, but there are plenty of items you can grab for less than a dollar.

These promotions usually run during the end of summer, when kids are about to go back to school and need new supplies.

You can save even more money on this sale than you could if you were shopping at a dollar store, making it a great deal.

3. Use Your Teacher’s Discount

Are you an educator? Then you can get a 15% discount on your purchase of classroom supplies and furniture.

This is known as the Classroom Rewards Program and it applies to all Staples stores and their online store.

4. Buy Refurbished Items for Deep Discounts

Staples carries a selection of refurbished and open-box items, ranging from technology and electronics such as laptops and tablets to furniture like desks.

You can save up to 50% off the regular price for these items, so be sure to check out the selection before making any big purchases at the store.

5. Reap the Benefits of Staples Rewards

Staples Rewards is a free program that gives you money back on purchases.

When you shop with the Staples Rewards program, you earn 2% back in rewards, which can be increased to 5% back when you hit their premium level by spending $1,000 at the store.

You’ll also get free shipping and $2 back for each ink cartridge you return.

6. Bundle Services for Savings

Sometimes Staples Offers bundle services that will allow you to get two or more items for a discounted price.

These bundles usually involve printer ink and paper, but you can also find bundled deals on technology like laptops and tablets.

7. Buy Staples Gift Certificates at Reduced Prices

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Websites like offer discounted gift cards for Staples at a reduced cost. You can use these to get a better deal than you would find in-store.

Gift certificates are usually sold anywhere from 3% to 10% below their full value price, so be sure to check out Raise before you make a purchase.

The Bottom Line

Staples offers a price-matching policy that allows customers to get the best deal possible on items they are purchasing.

Whether you’re looking for competitive rates or want to take advantage of bundled services and gift cards, there are plenty of ways you can save when shopping at Staples.

So make sure you save by using these techniques today!


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